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Benefits And Uses Of Cannabis Concentrates

Benefits and Uses of Cannabis Concentrates

The world of cannabis concentrates certainly is interesting. With a variety of product types to pick and choose from and indefinite usage methods or uses, it becomes pretty clear that any cannabis enthusiast should give these fine products a try at least once.

If traditional methods and products don’t seem to offer the level of relief you need then it is high time to learn more about these refined and advanced product types.

Cannabis Concentrates - What is it?

Master gardeners and brilliant scientists worked collectively to redevelop the cannabis plant into something highly concentrated. This is achieved by using a variety of extraction techniques on targeted parts of the plant. Only certain types of products inside the plant (cannabinoids and terpenes) are extracted for use and the rest is usually discarded.
The golden goodness that is extracted from these botanicals usually has a very high concentrated level and may appear different depending on the processing method.
Concentrates can be used in a variety of different ways or can be infused in a huge selection of product types.

The Many Faces of Concentrates

A variety of extraction techniques can be used to produce fine-quality Best Cannabis Concentrates and there are currently over 700 different canna strains to pick and choose from. The extraction and processing methods can result in a variety of different product types like the following.


This type of concentrate is dry and very brittle with a honeycomb-like structure. This type of concentrate is made from canna oils that have a bit more moisture. The oil is dried at a temperature that produces a thickened and crackling texture. 

Crumble can be smoked by sprinkling it over flower in a joint, or by smoking it in a dab rig.


This type of concentrate is also produced under heat and by using a chemical solvent. This extraction method produces a product with a cake-batter-like texture. It is usually yellowish with a softer texture compared to other concentrates. Budder tends to be very flavorful because some of the plant’s natural aroma is preserved. 

Budder can be enjoyed by smoking it and a number of different devices including dab rigs, vaporizers, bongs, or twaxing methods can be used with this fun concentrate.


Shatter tends to be very brittle with a golden or amber hue. This concentrate looks very similar to glass or melted and cooled brown sugar. The product can easily be broken into small bits and it is ideal for vaporizing or dabbing.


This type of refined canna oil usually doesn’t have any taste, smell, or flavor to it and the liquid can be clear or golden. This type of concentrate is produced through a distillation process and usually has a 99% purity level. 

The product is common in vapes but can also be used in joints, as a suppository. It is a very common ingredient in edibles.


These crystals, diamonds, or crystalline concentrates can look like coarse sugar. The product contains THCA which turns into THC when heated. They are produced by putting cannabis oils through several refining processes. This form of concentrate can be orally consumed by melting them with other ingredients, or by inhaling the vapors that can be produced by heating the crystals.

Dry Shift

Dry shift hash is made by grinding cannabis and filtering it with screens. This kief should be cooked with other ingredients on a low heat for a couple of hours before use because this will allow the shift to transform into THC form so your body can absorb it. It can also be used in a pipe, joint, vape, or dab ring.


Rosin is produced by squeezing cannabis flower under heat and pressure. The product is silvery-white with a dusty appearance but can also be thick and gooey. Rosin is commonly used to produce edibles and can be directly consumed by adding it to any food. The product is also infused in joints or combined with a blend of flower in a bowl.

Bubble Hash

This solvent-free concentrate looks a lot like fine granules of sugar and can be white to light brown in color. You can use these delicate granules for smoking, vaping, and dabbing, or it can be used as an ingredient for cooked edibles like cookies.

Different Ways to Use Weed Concentrates

These potent concentrates can be used as is or they can be utilized in many different ways. Here is a quick look at some of the most common ways to use these plant extracts.

Infused in Foods or Beverages

Plenty of people love to drop small portions of concentrates into foods and beverages. You might enjoy sipping on a cup of infused tea or producing all sorts of yummy edibles like gummies, chocolates, or butter by adding a little bit of rosin or oil to the mix.

Infused in Cigarettes or Joints

Extracts are often used inside joints to enhance their flavor, and potency level, or to create a product that offers relief for a greater variety of conditions. It is quite fun to explore the heightened sensations that puffing on a sativa-infused joint might provide.

Smoking or Inhaling

Concentrates can be absorbed by smoking it with the use of an oil pipe or glass bong. Electric cigarettes are also designed with cartridges that contain small amounts of concentrates. These types of e-cigarettes allow you to enjoy marijuana very conveniently.

Leading Advantages of Utilizing Concentrates

In addition to the same powerful effects as ordinary flower, concentrates may offer additional advantages like the following.


The concentrated products are extremely convenient since they are already clean, pure, and can be absorbed using a variety of different methods.

Enhanced Efficiency

Because these products are in concentrated form, they tend to be more potent or may offer quicker results.


A little bit goes a long way and this essentially means that you will get lots of results at a very affordable price.


These products are incredibly diverse. They can be consumed in different ways, mixed with different products, and the dose amounts are easily adjusted.

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