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How Exotics NYC Dispensary Puts Customer Satisfaction First?

How Exotics NYC Dispensary Puts Customer Satisfaction First

New York City is teeming with cannabis dispensaries establishing themselves as brands in the industry and attracting a loyal customer base. One such store is Exotics NYC located in the Bronx neighborhood which has earned only high-scoring reviews and testimonies from regular buyers.

The secret to this dispensary’s successful reputation is a key focus to guarantee customer satisfaction at every stage of the purchasing process. This customer-first approach utilizes several key factors that entice cannabis-loving Bronx residents and tourists to come back for more and recommend the store to the wider cannabis community.

Here’s how Exotics NYC Dispensary puts customer satisfaction first.


Licensed Dispensary

There are a few qualities that distinguish everyday local dispensaries from premium stores – one of which is licensing. Obtaining a license from the state of New York means the dispensary has passed all the legal and regulatory policies that legitimize the business operations.

This means weed customers can be assured that the products are grown, cultivated, sourced, and manufactured to industry standards. All of this has translated into Exotics NYC dispensary having high-quality weed that puts the health of consumers at the forefront. It also ensures buyers leave satisfied because they have access to cannabis knowledge, and education to become confident customers who know what they’re purchasing.

Welcoming Shopping Environment

Exotics NYC dispensary enjoys a perfect score and five-star ratings on online review sites because of its welcoming environment. Cannabis consumers from New York and tourists from other states have given the store high praise for having a welcoming and friendly staff who make them feel comfortable when shopping and greet them upon entry.

The fun, artful, and minimalist interior decor puts customers at ease while they browse and creates a clean and relaxing ambiance for a better retail experience. Furthermore, the weed products are neatly arranged in glass display cabinets that allow for easy navigation and searching and to better explore the goods individually.

Wide Selection of Weed Products

The major selling point that makes Exotics NYC a standout dispensary is the wide selection of weed products available. The extensive menu consists of over 90 different weed goods from concentrates to edibles and beverages, clothing apparel, cartridges, prerolls, topicals, and three triers of premium cannabis flower. New products are also stocked in the dispensary often.

Each product comes from renowned brands loved by cannabis enthusiasts such as Granny Za, Jelly Wizard, Sluggers, Snoozy, and Big Chief. What’s more, they stock classic and fan-favorite cannabis flower strains like Wedding Cake, Sour Diesel, and Jack Herer. To the customer’s delight, this allows them to explore and experiment with all the products to find their preferences and enjoy discovering the vast assortment of what Exotics NYC dispensary offers them.

Online Ordering

In the modern era of convenience and e-commerce, customers appreciate it when they shop online, including cannabis. Fortunately, Exotics NYC dispensary has an online shopping option for consumers who value discretion, don’t have the transport means and time to visit the dispensary itself, or want to choose products directly from the website.

After creating an account, shoppers can place orders in a virtual shopping bag and pay online before the order is dispatched. Then, customers can track their order until it’s delivered in discreet packaging to their doorstep or a curbside pickup location. This seamless process and new feature has enhanced customers’ buying experience and led to high satisfaction rates for the store.

Lab Testing And Processing

To ensure only high-quality weed is sold to customers, Exotics NYC has its flower strains third-party lab tested and processed. It takes place from the cultivation to the product manufacturing and packaging stages. This commitment to quality assurance, safety and regulation as a licensed dispensary has won customer loyalty and trust.

Once the cannabis is cleared for safety and quality, each product is labeled using the required information about the product. This includes the types of strain, the THC and CBD potency and dosage, manufacturer name, health warning labels, and the label showing that it was grown in the state of New York. In this way, cannabis buyers can instantly access the details they need about the products to consume them in confidence and assurance.

Affordable Prices

Weed products may come in at different price points depending on whether it’s luxury cannabis, or its size and quantity. Exotics NYC however, has managed to keep its retail prices affordable for cannabis consumers without compromising quality.

Most cannabis flowers can cost hundreds of dollars for an ounce, this dispensary has kept the price to under 100 to help consumers save costs. What’s more, smokers can stock up on high-value items such as a 5 or 10-pack of prerolls that have a long shelf life and keep in storage until they can save up to buy more. These consumer-friendly deals are why cannabis lovers prefer to shop at Exotics NYC dispensary.

Excellent Customer Service

When customers walk into the Exotics NYC dispensary, not only are they greeted with a friendly welcome, but can also consult with the budtenders for assistance. The knowledgeable and caring staff treat each customer individually to help them find the best weed for them and answer questions they may have.

Furthermore, the staff are available on on hand for online shoppers who call in for assistance completing an order or asking for more information and clarity about the product they’re about to buy. The excellent customer service shown at Exotics NYC has led to them sustaining a long-term customer retention rate.


Exotics NYC dispensary has adopted a customer-centric philosophy to their cannabis stores that has won the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts in the Bronx and wider New York. They have implemented important features that leave buyers satisfied and leave positive feedback and perfect scores on review sites.

This approach enhances the shopping experience with licensing, lab testing, and creating a welcoming environment so customers know they’re going to get high-quality and legitimate weed from the start. Then the large product assortment online ordering options and customer service allow buyers the fun to explore cannabis brands and make use of the convenience at their disposal. All these have led the dispensary to high customer satisfaction rates.

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