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How To Smoke A Pre-Roll?

How To Smoke A Pre-Roll?

With the cannabis industry growing year on year thanks to legalization, dispensaries, and cannabis brands alike have expanded their product ranges. This includes new cannabis goods outside of the traditional cannabis flower, vapes, and oil tinctures of the early stages of the market.

One such product is prerolls which have taken the cannabis community by storm. They allow weed lovers to stop by a dispensary and conveniently buy the highly potent joints and smoke them immediately at home. Fortunately for newbies, smoking your first pre-roll for the first time is a simple process. All you need is your preroll of choice and to follow a few useful tips.

Here’s a guide on how to smoke a pre-roll for beginners.

What Is A Pre-Roll

Before you learn how to smoke a pre-roll as a beginner, it’s important to understand what this marijuana product is. A pre-roll cone is a ready-made cannabis joint or blunt that has been packed and skilfully rolled with cannabis flower by industry experts and budtenders who work at cannabis dispensaries where they are sold.

It can be very tricky for cannabis consumers to roll a pre-roll joint without plenty of practice and professional capability. This is why the industry has created the pre-roll product so you can conveniently buy and smoke cannabis with little effort. The best part about learning how to smoke a pre-roll is the endless variety to choose from. Pre-rolls are packed with a wide array of cannabis flower strains while some are infused with concentrate for smokers with a high tolerance for cannabis potency.

Inspect the Pre-Roll

Now that you have a better understanding of pre-rolls, it’s time to give them a try. When you’ve purchased your joint and arrive back home, the first step is to take it out of its container for inspection. The Pre-roll will come either in a container box or a long tube to preserve its quality and discreet portability after buying from a cannabis dispensary in New York.

So, hold the pre-roll in your hand and inspect for any damage, tears, and the compactness of the flower bud inside. The cannabis flower should be evenly spread throughout the cone for an even distribution of burn when you light it up. You can gently tap the end of the pre-roll to adjust and move the cannabis inside until it’s settled into a perfect cone shape.

Carefully Light The Preroll

This is part of the pre-roll smoking step that many beginners tend to find challenging. This is because how you light up your pre-roll will directly impact your experience of smoking it and how long it lasts. Thus, when you’re ready, hold your lighter below the center of your potent and flavourful pre-roll then move it up and towards the tip and slowly rotate it.

It’s essential to keep a distance between the flame and your joint so it doesn’t burn too quickly on one side. The goal here is to heat up your pre-roll by roasting it evenly. This cautionary and minimal approach to applying heat might take a few tries as a beginner, so if you don’t get it right the first time, you can attempt it again with another Pre-roll later on.

Place Your Mouth Over The Filter

When your pre-roll is sufficiently lit to your preference, place your mouth over the filter. This is the white end part of the pre-roll that’s most often made of cardboard. This filter prevents residue and other substances from entering your mouth and maintains the joint’s structure so that it doesn’t wilt as you smoke and the burn moves through the cone.

It also prevents your saliva from wetting the roll. So when the pre-roll emits a pleasant aroma, place your mouth on the end to limit and control the amount of smoke you inhale. If you want a larger puff, move it slightly more into your mouth but keep it to an inch or less.

Inhale Slowly And Enjoy

Finally, the best part is when you start smoking your chosen pre-roll. While smoking habits and techniques differ from person to person, it’s advised you inhale slowly as a beginner pre-roll smoker. Draw smoke into your mouth first before pulling it backward into your lungs and breathing through your nostrils.

This method will help you control the amount of smoke entering your body so you can increase or decrease the strength of your puff. To fully enjoy your smoking session, hold the smoke in for up to ten seconds before exhaling again as this will give the THC and other cannabinoids time to take effect. Smoke slowly and take a break for up to a minute between puffs to make your pre-roll last longer.

Extinguish Or Store Your Pre-Roll

Once you’re satisfied with your smoking session and want to end it, you can extinguish your pre-roll by tapping the lit end onto a cannabis rolling tray or hard surface to put it out. Make sure to do this gently if you plan on smoking the same pre-roll at a later stage.

Then, you can safely store the pre-roll back in its container and enjoy the effects on your mind and body. If you’ve finished the pre-roll and it’s burned through to the end of the cone, then you can extinguish the rest by grinding it onto a tray to smother any leftover burning. Place any remains in a packet or bag and throw it away for safe disposal.


Learning how to smoke a pre-roll is simple for beginner cannabis smokers. From inspecting to even out the bud inside to lighting it up strategically takes the hassle out of rolling your ready-made joint so you can smoke it as soon as you get home.

Thus when you’re ready to try out a pre-roll, visit a weed dispensary in New York and choose the flower strain of your taste. From there, you can enjoy the effects of this high-potent THC-based cannabis product as a newbie.

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